Just because spring (summer?) is here.

This is a picture from The Canary Island, where the summer season is a bit longer than here. πŸ˜€

(We are currently redecorating our terrace. Think: ” spain/france/italy”, with less flowers due to short and cold summer….)







Inspired by “Mad Men”, I want these with the silverish line!

(google mad men + interior, the whiskey glasses are amazing!)





At an antique marked in Majorna in Gothenburg I found these.Β  The mirror in the first picture, and the bedside tables in the second. But they are not mine, they were sold out 2 days later!

WP_000542Β Β Β Β  WP_000541


Redecoration the chairs.

With small children, white cover was a really bad idea.. πŸ˜‰

Now with red leather imitation, that easily is cleaned.

P1030092 P1030093

More hotels….

There is someting facinating about really luxury hotels. The service, the decoration, the food, the hole thing!

http://www.lhw. com and http://www.slh.com got some great hotels! Pity it’s so expensive! But guess I can save up money (or make my husband pay.. πŸ˜‰ ) and take my family there. πŸ˜€

At first I was thinking about to join Leading Hotels of the World, but then again, how often do I stay at these kind of hotels? There are other hotels just as nice, but far more cheap. (OK, “cheap” is relative!)

Few favourites:

The Ampersand Hotel in London. http://www.slh.com/hotels/the-ampersand-hotel/

The Ritz in London (a real classic!). http://www.lhw.com/Hotel/The-Ritz-London-London-England

Ett Hem in Stockholm. http://www.slh.com/hotels/ett-hem/

The Lowell in New York. http://www.lhw.com/hotel/The-Lowell-New-York-NY

…then you can google France…Or Caribbean…or whatever destination you want to travel to…. *sigh*

Chateau de Mazan, France:


South Lodge Hotel, Sussex, England:



But please! dear Hotels: Many of you are not update at Internet, bad pictures, poor presentation of your rooms and service, unclear what’s included in the price, websites that are difficult to understand, booking system that does not work well (not connected to the hotel itself) etc. Pleas upgrade to 2013!!

Thank you.


Cross country skiing isn’t for me…

But this is:


Yep, did spent 3 night at this Grand Hotel, with my family. Even got some time for going to the spa, shop, etc.

And, if ypu haven’t tasted Mojjitos with champagne: DO IT! πŸ˜€


Stairway down to the basement and paperdolls.

Few things I’ve done lately:




When we moved into the house, it was a terrible wall paint (you know the sort, yellow sponge painting (http://uglyhousephotos.com/wordpress/?p=9485)”……”, to light and bright!

(nevermind the fire extinguisher)






Some beautiful paperdolls, put in a frame.Β  This is Grace Kelly.

Doing things I don’t know…

I really don’t know how to use the sewing machine! But I can learn…?

These have been waiting for about 2 years to get a cover. πŸ˜‰


One done, one in the line! (90cm X 90cm size!)



How to do the last side….? I’ll just just a needle and tread, and do some stitches. πŸ˜€



Close up at the stitches.




Strange color at the photo. But they are done! Woohoo!


Bathroom dreams…